Each project is unique. Every production is custom-made by our team and requires both a different amount of work and requirements, such as samples or vocals. That’s why we don’t state any fixed prices. However, to make sure you get an idea of what a production might cost you, we’re working with starting prices. Please note that if you’re looking for a track with the same features as - for example - a Beatport Top 100 or Buzzchart track, the price can move up.

We’ll create a personal offer, based on your wishes and the amount of work we’re expecting to spend on your project. In your inquiry about a possible project, please include as much info as possible – share your ideas, track examples and specific wishes with us and we’ll be able to give you a price. Once the financial part is discussed and agreed upon, we can get started with the fun part: the creative side!

Full track

  • > High quality track
  • > Beatport TOP 100 quality
  • > Stems
  • > 100% Full rights
  • > 2/3 business weeks
Starting at: 750 € / track*


  • > Full collaboration with you
  • > Taking your ideas
  • > Making sound better
  • > 100% Full rights & creative sounds
  • > 2/3 business weeks
Starting at: 550 € / track*


  • > Pro studio
  • > Genelec monitors
  • > Digital processing
  • > Wave 24 bits 44100 hz
  • > 5/6 business days
Starting at: 180 € / track


  • > Pro studio
  • > Genelec monitors
  • > Digital processing
  • > Wave 24 bits 44100 hz
  • > 2/3 business days
Starting at: 50 € / track

How it works ?

Before the project kicks off

Preparation is key in a smooth collaboration, especially when it comes to ghost producing. Before our producers get to work, we’ll discuss all your wishes. Share your ideas, thoughts and creative input with us, and it makes it a lot easier for our producers to get on the same level and start the project. Once you’ve accepted our offer, we ask you to make a 50% deposit. All of our projects are custom-made, and to be sure you’re as serious about the project as we are, we require a deposit. Once the payment is fulfilled, we kick off with the production part.

Be involved

We understand that you’d like to keep track of the production process and that’s exactly why Imagine Production will keep you up to date with previews and input. We’ll always check if the production meets your wishes, making sure you’re involved and able to request changes, if needed. Once the project’s completed and both parties are happy with the result, it’s time for the final mixdown.

The last step

The very last, but very important part of having your project done at Imagine Production, is the final mixdown. We create a high quality demo for you to do the final check, and include the final invoice. Once the payment has been fulfilled and the mixdown is approved, we will send you the full stems project package and the track is yours to share with the world!

Full track / Co-production*

* This price is a starting price, it can change according to your demand, ideas, references that you give us and also the amount and complexity of the project. the price may fluctuate if you want buy the DAW project file.

In order to make you a proposal that comes as close as possible to your expectations, please describe us, as much as you can the details of your project.

Our service is an high quality service, so please understand that we can’t work under a certain amount of price.

- EDM songs (Electro/Progressive/House/Dance/BigRoom/Trance, etc...) are between 750€ and 2500€.

- Commercial songs (Radio, Pop, etc…) are between 2000€ and 5000€.