Ghost producing

Our producers can create full, original tracks. They can start from scratch, building something completely unique, or work from a sample or melody you’ve already made. If you provide us with samples (or links) of tracks in the style you please, we can use those as reference for your new track.

Original Track

You’ll send us some reference and tell your idea, Then we’ll produce an Original Track for you with Wave File. You’ll have full rights on the track so you can release the track with your name/alias. We guarantee that you can sign it with labels.


There’s no better way to get your name out there as an up and coming dj, then to release a high quality remix of a popular track. Wether it’s a remix contest or a popular track too love. Let our team help you take it to the next level. Remix contests have been a way to jumpstart your career with rewards such a major label releases, collaborations with established artists and world-wide bookings. Let our team craft a custom remix that fits your needs.


We will improve your sounds, add new instruments, FX, automation, mix it, master and do more processing until your track will stand out and sound like commercial 2017 EDM track that’s ready to rock charts and get DJ’s support. It always a good option when you’re stuck and don’t have any more ideas or lack of quality sound. Contact us to now more about our co-production service.